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5 Reasons why Osho Zen Tarot is Unique

Osho Zen Tarot: The Transcendental Game of Zen – A very unique set of non-traditional cards which is based on Zen. As a reader and teacher of these cards for more than a decade now, I would say these cards are empowering and show us a unique perspective of the spiritual nature of mankind. These cards ooze out the wisdom of Zen which empowers a person to tap into their own power and make the right choices in life. Osho Zen Tarot isn’t about just Yes and No questions or predicting what is in the future, rather they are uniquely designed to understand the inner calling which is leading us to our external situations or choices.

 Here are the top 5 reasons why Osho Zen Tarot is unique:

 1.     A deck of Transformation: Osho Zen Tarot cards indeed are a great tool for people looking out for bringing in a transformation in their lives. It is not the traditional tarot where we look upon only the external part of the problem. In fact, this deck is loaded with wisdom which your soul is wanting you to know. A good teacher can help you connect with the cards on a deeper level where you can actually feel the cards talking. To you. This deck of cards shows you the choices you have and what really needs your attention to move towards transforming yourself.

2.     Gives you unique insights: We are all looking for those insights which can help us to make the right decisions in life. We would like to tap into that part of our energy which is connected with the Divine, constantly showing us the path to enlightenment. And indeed, Osho Zen Tarot cards have this unique ability to connect us with Divinity. The messages coming from the cards are packed with spiritual guidance. Tapping into this guidance is a huge transformation in itself.

3.     Wonderful tool for Meditation: Looking at the painting on each card in the Osho Zen Tarot deck is a meditative experience in itself. And when you literally take the cards and sit to meditate, they give you messages which are direct to reach your goal. They help you in bringing up those hidden aspects of yourself which need healing and guidance. For example, I once sat to meditate to a Major Arcana card – Creativity. The experience was beyond my expectations. I could feel the energy of Creativity traveling into every cell of my body. And showing me which are the areas I need to work on to let this energy flowing. So, these kinds of meditative experiences can help one bring in harmony and peace within. And at the same time helping you to restore your energy and vision in place.

4.     Connecting you with the Existence: The Existence has always been Divine in nature. To connect to this Divinity, mankind has been meditating over thousands of years. Sages are known to be meditating to achieve Nirvana. But today, we need to be connected to this Divinity even more than ever before. Of course, one cannot leave their Earthly life always. This is where Osho Zen Tarot helps us to connect with the Existence. One can once again feel at home without feeling excluded from the Divine. The journey painted on these cards is true with each human being. Connecting with the journey of these cards is like connecting with the journey of Divinity and Existence once again.

5.     Restores Creativity: For our growth, we need to be creative. The energy of Creativity needs to flow in our lives to make us feel alive and vibrant. And for this creativity to flow, one needs to meditate and see their blocks. Meditating with these cards can help you see those blocks and restore creativity in your life. Whether you’re looking in to bring creative energy in your work or personal relationships, Osho Zen Tarot can help you all the way. Even pulling out a card a day can bring in messages of creativity.

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Holistic Approach of Healing

Acheive wellness, wholeness through holistic healing. The ultimate goal is to be healthy & mentally well to be in the position to enjoy the world around us.
Its of utmost importance that all natural process that support life are functioning in their desired trajectory optimally.
To bring to the desired optimal level, there needs healing which removes the imbalance that has occurred in the natural state of functions. The process of rebalancing the course of nature is a process termed as "Healing".
Holistic Healing approach goes beyond the conventional rebalancing approach. Going one step further it targets the root cause of illness and tries to remove it, can it be physical, emotional, spiritual or mental healing.
Changes due to holistic healing are on the root level and are more effective and long lasting due to its unique approach and method.

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