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6 Ways to Simplify your Life

Living in chaos leads to a chaotic thought process which in turn blocks our creativity. Hence, it is important to focus on the quality of life we are living. As a race, we are living in a complex world today, where machines have predominantly taken over most of our community tasks. And with the recent Coronavirus pandemic, life has become even more shallow and confined. But still we need to re-align ourselves, connect to our Center and focus on simplifying our lives. Here, are six simple ways to simplify our day-to-day complex life:

1.     Spending 10 minutes in Nature daily: This is step number one to simplify your life. Nature is the best teacher and just spending ten minutes a day in nature can bring you back to your core. Nature is the best medicine for a cluttered mind and shattered soul. When you’re in Nature, automatically your breath slows down and your mind starts releasing the stress it is holding onto. Whether it is taking a 10-minute slow walk in nature or just sitting on a bench in a garden or perhaps watching the ocean waves on the seashore. Ensure that these 10 minutes become a non-negotiable clause in living your everyday life. Make it is a lifetime unconscious habit just as you breathe unconsciously.

2.     Decluttering your home weekly: Does this sound like too much of a task? But truly speaking, a de-cluttered home allows you to expand your creativity. Whereas, a messy house constricts the energy flow within the house. Hence, when you enter a messy house, you feel drained and tired. Whereas, when the house is decluttered, the energy flow is vibrant, and it gives you more vital energy to be focused in life.

3.     Adopt a new Hobby: Today, we are running from pillar to post to meet our ends or needs or maybe perhaps wants. Hence, there is no space left to satisfy the tender heart’s desire which will make you feel satisfied and happy. So, now is the time to do this and adopt a hobby. Think about something you wanted to do as a child. For example, I wanted to learn painting and cooking. So, I took it up and ensured that I made time for my class twice a week. Likewise, some of you might want to experiment on baking or perhaps hiking. Whatever is the calling of your heart, follow it. Don’t make your age, family or career a barrier to fulfill your heart’s desire.

4.     Keep sipping water throughout the day: Sipping water throughout the day ensures that your body is hydrated well. Remember, a well hydrated body means the emotions are in control and that your mind will be able to work logically. Water is the lifeline of the human body. To remain under composure, it needs to be well-hydrated. Whether you’re working in the office or at home, ensure your water bottle is placed next to you. Carrying a small water bottle anywhere and everywhere is important.

5.     Breathing out all the emotions at the end of the day: Before retiring to bed, ensure you set aside 15-20 minutes for yourself. This is the time when you breathe out all those emotions and feelings which weren’t positive during the day. Also, breathing out all those situations where you felt helpless and angry or as a victim is equally important. This is because sleeping over such unprocessed emotions does not allow one to sleep well, nor wake up fresh. Secondly, when these emotions keep storing within on a daily basis, the mind then keeps thinking the same thought patterns over and over again. This in turn leads to stuck-up feeling, redundant energy flowing in the body. So, make this as a second non-negotiable rule to live life.

6.     Get enough Sleep: Only a relaxed mind can think productively and work with complete focus. And to relax yourself, you need to get enough sleep. We need to ensure that a good undisturbed 8-hour sleep is a daily ritual. For that, ensure that you follow point number 5 above and also not to sleep later than 10.30 pm. Sleeping on time ensures that your entire body relaxes and can rejuvenate itself naturally. Following this regime regularly will ensure you can work productively as well as you’re healthy naturally. If one sleeps on time, they can wade through the daily stress and worries easily and effortlessly.

 Following the above six methods for starters can surely help you simplify your life. Also, it will lead you towards finding your own news ways to simplify your life further.

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