You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul. - Swami Vivekanad

Case of Toddler’s behavioral issues

Issue: Rita a mid 30’s woman came in with the problem of her 2-year-old toddler. Her son cried every time when something was done against his wishes. For instance, if the mother fed him rice instead of giving him chips, he would just not listen and start crying. Rita said that this has been his pattern for more than a year. And both the parents have to be constantly by his side.

When I asked Rita about any problems in her relationship, she said yes. She said around 6 months after her son was born, her husband had an extra marital affair with an office colleague. Rita came to know about it on the first birthday of their son. Since then the relationship between them hasn’t been harmonious. And the issues with her son started soon after.

Resolution: We placed a representative for her son and his anger. The representative for anger claimed to be the anger in the relationship of his parents. His son was angry on the issues in the relationship of his parents. Since, he was too young to voice it out or understand what is going on, he was throwing tantrums at everything.

The representative for the son said he was being so angry because he did not want his parents to separate. Rita did confirm that she was considering a legal separation. But with his son’s condition, she seldom had any time in hand to think about it and take any actions. We introduced two more representatives in the constellation – one for the father and other one being the reason for this situation.

When these two representatives were introduced, it was seen that the representative for reason was a dead baby. It was revealed that this baby belonged to both Rita and her husband. Rita confronted that she did have a still baby girl born before her son. The necessary therapeutic steps were taken to address the issue of the dead child. Once this was resolved, there was peace in the system. The son was now feeling relaxed and could look up to his parents with love.

Result: Rita later called up after two weeks and said that her son was much calmer than before. He wasn’t fussing about food and he had started taking No for an answer. This was indeed a huge shift. And after about two and half months, she called up saying that her husband’s affair was over. She and her husband talked about the session, the dead baby. This is where he broke down about the guilt, he was carrying in his heart that the baby died because of him. They were now together again in a matured way.

Understanding the dynamics: When a child is dead or aborted, the parents carry a guilt in their heart. This guilt if not processed and the grieving for this dead child is not completed within the heart of the parents, they often separate. Also, if there is another child born out of this relationship, then the child bears the heavy fate of his parents which is evidently seen in his/her behavioral or emotional issues as seen in this case.

Name of the therapist: Anchal Anurag Jyoti

Contact Number: +91 9223328544

Email: anchalanuragjyoti@gmail.com

Website: http://www.familyconstellations.co.in

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Holistic Approach of Healing

Acheive wellness, wholeness through holistic healing. The ultimate goal is to be healthy & mentally well to be in the position to enjoy the world around us.
Its of utmost importance that all natural process that support life are functioning in their desired trajectory optimally.
To bring to the desired optimal level, there needs healing which removes the imbalance that has occurred in the natural state of functions. The process of rebalancing the course of nature is a process termed as "Healing".
Holistic Healing approach goes beyond the conventional rebalancing approach. Going one step further it targets the root cause of illness and tries to remove it, can it be physical, emotional, spiritual or mental healing.
Changes due to holistic healing are on the root level and are more effective and long lasting due to its unique approach and method.

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