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Tarot Reading Workshop

Date(s) - 27/11/2020 - 30/11/2020
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm IST

Here are the details of what’s included in the course:

  • How Tarot Works
  • Cleansing Charging and Caring a tarot deck
  • Structure of Tarot Deck Introduction to Major and Minor Arcana
  • Meanings of 78 cards
  • Visualization
  • Basic Meditation and Rituals for Enhancing Intuition
  • How to Meditate on Individual Cards
  • Tarot Spreads
  • How to read tarot cards for yourself , family, friends, clients
  • How to frame a question
  • How to handle the client
  • How to protect yourself physically from negative vibrations of clients
  • Practical Readings
  • How to Make story and tell clients the answers

Energy Exchange : Rs. 11000/-