Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. - Denis Waitley


Other Healers

Terri Winfield

I have been gifted from a very young age. I have always been able to communicate and instruct those around me telepathically.  I am an Empath and Intuitive Psychic. I ... [More]
  • mystic.terri@gmail.com
  • United Kingdom

Dr. Vandana Rannjjit Ashar

Is My Vision and passion to  not only to Heal people, but also to Empower people to be the change and create everything that they ever imagined or more than ... [More]
  • 9820543909
  • drasharvandana@gmail.com
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra, Mumbai

Nupur Bhargava

I am Nupur Bhargava, Tarot Card Reader, Numerologist and Reiki Master, Certified in Crystal Therapy, Pendulum Dowsing, Mokshapat Reading and Remedial Divination. Currently I am pursuing PG Diplomas in Astrology ... [More]
  • +91 7982528715
  • mysticzone123@gmail.com
  • Noida

Lincoln Stoller

My research publications are in physics, astronomy, neurophysiology, psychology, and medical hypnosis along with six books on hypnosis, learning, and spiritual awareness. My work builds on my personal multi-cultural experiences ... [More]

Tara Doherty-Castro

I am a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, a Qualified Hypnotherapist, and a Reiki Healer and I specialise in helping people who have a lack of self-worth and feel undeserving, anxiety ... [More]

VVenkat S

My Leadership Philosophy:”I am a Love based Leader, Who believes leadership is about Self – respect, Love & Happiness. Helping others to nurture themselves Personally-Professionally & Spiritually. Acharya V Venkat is ... [More]
  • 9949957979 / +91 7680957713
  • acharyawenkat@gmail.com
  • Hyderabad

Dr. Aruna Saxena

Dr. Aruna is regularly conducting NLP & Hypnosis based programs viz. NLP for Business, NLP for Parenting, NLP for Teachers, NLP for Teenagers, NLP for Therapists, NLP for Personality Development, ... [More]


GopalKrishna.N is a Mechanical Engineer by Profession, Reiki Master, Astrologer, Scientific Vastu Consultant. He is very passionate about Science of Vastu & Healing the Earth Energies & correcting and healing ... [More]
  • 9108462736 , 9663081218
  • gopalkrishna.nittur@gmail.com
  • www.shrisainine.com
  • Bengaluru, Karnataka, Bengaluru

Bindu Bodanapu

Bindu Bodanapu is a Chartered Accountant by Profession, working in IT for a large company in the U.K. Bindu is a Transformational Life coach. My interest in Life coaching began when ... [More]
  • +44 7877 007887
  • bindu.lifecoach@gmail.com
  • London
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