Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. - Denis Waitley

Healers - Clinical Hypnotherapy

Asmah D’souza

Asmah D’souza is a Life Coach and Corporate Mentor who conducts Workshops on ESQ (enhance the spiritual quotient), EIQ (Empower Integrity quotient ,Positivity and Productivity Enhancement. She is also renowned ... [More]
  • +91 9833958471
  • asmahdsouza@gmail.com
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra, Mumbai

Abhay Thakkar

Abhay Thakkar is India’s only Trainer to provide both- NLP as well as New Code NLP International Trainings Certified by the co-creator of NLP – John Grinder. He has also ... [More]
  • +91 9769274933
  • contact@t-nlp.com
  • www.t-nlp.com/
  • Kandivali East, Mumbai, Maharshtra

Dr. Sanjeev Padmanabhan

Hi I’m a medical doctor who ventured into alternate healing to help my patients. Now exploring clinical and counselling Psychology, I have my start up company called YourGrowthStory which is ... [More]
  • +91 9769020468
  • sanjeevpadmanabhanr@gmail.com
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra, Mumbai

Anurag Jyoti

A professional Tarot Card reader, Instructor and a Spiritual Coach. As a child I had a fascination to know how people can read what is in store for others & ... [More]

Evangelos Dafopoulos

Hello, my name is Evangelos Dafopoulos. I am an ex maritime and International Relations professional who got tired to be consumed by the everyday unhuman environment of companies and decided ... [More]

Anjali Nagpal

Anjali Nagpal is a business trainer,a life coach and workshop facilitator certified to present Heal Your Life transformational workshop worldwide (based on the philosophy of Louise L Hay) approved by ... [More]
  • +91 9820409998
  • anjali.innerpeace@gmail.com
  • Mumbai

Antara Dalvi

SEPALS – transition from becoming to ‘Being’ So Sepals is about my journey from becoming to Being. I known as Antara Dalvi went through this beautiful journey called LIFE and the ... [More]
  • 8169758076
  • sepals.antara@gmail.com

VVenkat S

My Leadership Philosophy:”I am a Love based Leader, Who believes leadership is about Self – respect, Love & Happiness. Helping others to nurture themselves Personally-Professionally & Spiritually. Acharya V Venkat is ... [More]
  • 9949957979 / +91 7680957713
  • acharyawenkat@gmail.com
  • Hyderabad

Dr. Bhawna Bhardwaj

My Spiritual Journey in this life started in 2004 with Reiki after my Mom passed away. Healing came as a miracle in my life. It healed me Holistically – Emotionally, ... [More]
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