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Anita Groenendijk


I have been a pastlife regression therapist since 1993. After several years of experience both with PLT and kinesiology, I have developed a synthesis between those two modalities, which I call Bodywisdom. All information, also about transpersonal experiences, is kept and accessible in the body. I have given many masterclasses to graduated regression therapists all over the world.
Schooling: University (Msc), reincarnationtherapy; aura healing and -reading. Many classes involving kinesiology, including Touch for Health, Edukinesiology, Three in One, One Brain, Structural Neurology.I now am a certified Touch for Health Instructor, and I have given many Touch for Health courses since.
I have integrated elements from Voice Dialogue, Reiki, Shamanism, Bach Flower therapy. I am a certified Life Between Lives therapist, trained by the Michael Newton Institute. I have also graduated at the TASSO training. In 2009 I developed a method of doing sessions by phone or skype, in which I now have more than 10 years of experience. I took several trainings in Emotive Therapy, which is a very wonderful technique, perfect to be done by online video connection. I have been attending many workshops with the masters of the field: Hans ten Dam, Roger Woolger, Morris Netherton, Trisha Caetano.

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I do online Reincarnation Readings (20 minutes); online Reincarnation and regression therapy (90 minutes), online deep physical emotion transformation Emotive Therapy (90 minutes). For Therapies Cost https://www.reincarnatietherapeut.com/english.htm#Timeandcost

Pricing: $15 /Reincarnation Readings: 1st time: 15 Usd

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