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Dr. Aruna Saxena


Dr. Aruna is regularly conducting NLP & Hypnosis based programs viz. NLP for Business, NLP for Parenting, NLP for Teachers, NLP for Teenagers, NLP for Therapists, NLP for Personality Development, etc.
She is an Access Bars Facilitator, a Body Process Facilitator & Practitioner and has a passion for creating magic in the field of Access Consciousness. She facilitates Access Bars Classes, Body Processes Sessions/Classes and other numerous programs based on Access (holistic approach) across the country.

She has assisted hundreds of people to change countless aspects of their life and body including personal self-image, weight, stresses, anxiety disorders, health, sleep, money, and relationships. Access body processes unlock the tension, resistance, and dis-ease of the body by shifting energy dynamically. She is an expert in over 60 hands-on Access Body Processes, as well as lots of verbal processes, one can deal with most issues that exist in bodies today. Dr. Aruna says that Access body processes are holistic techniques that compliment any other bodywork or healing modality.

Dr. Aruna is a Transformation Coach which is professional coaching that focuses on setting goals, creating outcomes and managing personal change. Coaching helps individuals and companies focus on what matters most in life and business, and so the industry continues to grow. Coaching sessions are very powerful and are covered under authentic guidelines.

Dr. Aruna Saxena is a Homoeopath, a cancer specialist and practicing Homoeopathy for more than a decade. She has studied homeopathy intensively for over one and a half-decade. Dr. Aruna has an uncommon strength of having a research base in her clinical environment and represents a modern and scientific face of homeopathy. Her enormous practice supported by clinical exploration-based data, statistics, and scientific documentation, makes it her unique in the homeopathic world.

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