Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself. - Hermann Hesse

Jayapalashri Anil


The Spiritual Princess. She was born on fifth of September 1976 in Bangalore, Karnataka. Her name Jayapalashri means gift of the goddess and her father truly believed that she was a gift from the goddess to them. Today many have the same thought that with all the help she brings to many people that she is a true gift to many who need help and advice as they struggle through there tough patches of life.

Her parents are from Mysore, her mother the late Maharajakumari Meenakshi Devi is the second daughter of His highness Late Maharajaha Jayachamaraja Wadiyar being born as a princess and in the Mysore Palace raised her children with strict disciplinarian rules. Her father Late Sardar M. R. Lakshmikanth Raje was born to an aristocratic family of Mysore. A well-known advocate excelling in his field of law. Today their daughter makes them proud as she steps about excelling and shining as a bright star helping all who knock on her door.

The concept of Samskara is the brainchild of Jayapalashri. ‘Counseling and healing has always been Jayapalashri’s dream and now she has finally achieved it. Previously, Jayapalashri felt like an anchor-less ship and she knew she was on the wrong path. Eventually after many nudges and subtle messages from the universe, she made up her mind to connect to the ‘higher soul’ within her and thus answered the call from the Great Spirit or Param Aatman.

Today this has led our very own spiritual princess back home…she now feels happy and secured and she is doing what she was meant to do. The knowledge Jayapalashri gathered from various courses has paved the way for self-transformation and soul cleansing for her.

Jayapalashri had a wonderful and noteworthy time exploring self and has learnt the art and beauty of introspection. She has learnt to respect the laws of nature and universe and has also learnt to respect these laws and establish a compatibility with the laws. It’s like she didn’t know herself and has just realized who she is. She has seen herself change gradually overtime. Her intuitive skills have increased & listening skills have sharpened. Her friends and family have now started to seek her opinion, guidance and thoughts. Her children too have learnt a lot from the influence she has on them and they too are changing and making a difference to themselves. Jayapalashri now looks at things from a different angle or a broader perspective. The spiritual journey of Jayapalashri started with she, healing herself and then she was guided to open a center and be of service to all. The path has been unpredictable…It consisted in many twists and turns with experiences that gave her goose-bumps! But those experiences changed her as a person and gave her the strength to face the worst fears of life. The healing therapies meted out @ Samskara includes a vast array of services such as energy healing, tarot card reading & healing, crystal healing, land – home healing and Bach Remedies. Today, with all the opportunities coming the way of our very own Earth Angel, she has gained the needed self confidence, self esteem and motivation to wipe tears & bring smiles to the faces of people…That’s how the journey begun and with popularity gained the name the Spiritual Princess.

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