You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul. - Swami Vivekanad

Michelle Pinto


Gifted with intuition, empathy, and an ability to connect with the Divine, Michelle works as a healer, guide and coach. Her healing work is intuitively guided, depending on what support each client needs at the moment. Through compassion, humor and joy, hidden qualities as well as hidden blocks are brought out for healing. Her gentle, heart-filled sessions provide clarity and an immediate shift into peace, along with practical tools and tips to take away.

Michelle’s spiritual journey began many years back when she struggled with physical and emotional health issues. Conventional medicine brought no relief. Her search for understanding these imbalances in her life took her to India. There she was encouraged by her friend to meet an energy healer. That simple nudge transformed Michelle’s life forever. She was also guided to her spiritual teacher GD, who set her firmly on her new path.

This journey from being a skeptic to a seeker completely changed Michelle’s life. Since then, her outlook, family life and health improved immensely. Somewhere along the way, she also discovered her purpose: sharing what she had received with others as much as she could, while continuously learning and growing. She devoted her life to studying and practicing healing techniques (Full list of techniques and certifications at the end).

As a guide, Michelle uses her intuitive gifts to help you understand your strengths and shortcomings and helps you identify areas that need support. As a coach, she works with the principle that every repeated situation in life brings with it the lessons we need to learn. As a healer, she uses a variety of modalities that she’s certified in, but her healing is primarily guided by the principle of being a conduit to the universal energy that the client receives through her. Using this energy, the client’s consciousness entrains to the frequency of perfection and self heals.

Additional Information

Michelle’s deep connection to truth and consciousness lays the framework for her healing sessions. Sessions with her are always different as what happens in a session is intuitively guided, based on the needs of the client. Thus, every subsequent session may be different or may repeat, depending on the changes in the client. Michelle offers in-person sessions, over Zoom or telephone as required. These sessions usually last for an hour. She also offers purely distance healing, when there is no need to speak and the healing is done intuitively. By appointment only. Contact me to find out about energy exchange. I offer a special rate in Rupees.
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