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I am always here to help you and give you the exact solution to your problems. It just started like this. I had a knowledge of Numerology 15 years before but I never used it. One day I just told one of my boss to change his signature as he was suffering from a big problem. So i just wanted to check the power of numbers on human life. So he changed his signature and surprisingly within 2 days he Thanked me by saying that his problem is very much solved . I also got surprised that changing just a signature solved his problem which was there from last 5 years .

Then I started doing R&D in numerology. I studied DOB and names of many people and also  suggested some corrections in names and signatures of some of my friends and relatives. They got good results from it. Then I came to know that this numerology science really works and brings wonders in human life by alteration of letters in your names and signatures.

After that I did study of some of the good and bad events in the world and found that there are some positive and negative numbers in numerology that brings out such events. On that basis people can be given warning not to visit such places or travels on dates that’s are not their lucky numbers.

And then I started it professionally completely in which I consulted many film stars, qualified professionals like doctors, engineers etc. and they got good results too. So I think you should also consult me through this very good platform and get benefit of Numerology in your life.

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