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Robert Van Aert


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Regression Therapy

Drs R.Ch.M. van Aert (1965) has been an independent entrepreneur in business services for more than 25 years. Rob has advised numerous national and international companies. In 1994 he became acquainted with Henri de Vidal de Saint Germain with whom he had his first personal experiences with regression therapy. After the three-year post-graduate course in transpersonal regression therapy at the Tasso Institute with Hans ten Dam , who has been providing training in this field since 1983, he started his own practice.

Regression therapist Rob van Aert
+ Certified transpersonal regression therapist
+ Accredited integral complementary therapist
+ Certified soul regression therapist
+ Certified Gcoach
+ HBO Registered Therapist BCZ®
+ HQT® (High Quality Therapist)

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With sufficient interest, regression sessions can also be planned in Utrecht , Belgium or Amsterdam . Call or email for schedule and availability.
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