Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself. - Hermann Hesse

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Energy Healing

Vindya Nishanth
Co-founder, RU – Temple of Healing  & RU – School of Light

As we all are, pure consciousness living a temporary human experience, having lifetimes of unique experiences & loads of learning, here we are remembering ourselves & moving ahead in our journey called life.

I am in this current experience of 30 years, from being unwanted in the womb, going through years of being misled, conditioned, physically & sexually abused, self abuse with substances, mindless career choices, aimlessly living to  transforming myself by remembering who I am, unlearning entirely & learning many facets of life, living consciously, breaking out of habits, healing from the trauma spanning past lives, having the experience of a natural water birth at home, being a conscious parent, helping people to heal just like I did, breaking out of all the labels we give ourselves, here I am as a friend, a guide to help you with your journey.

After experiencing various modalities of healing myself, I’ve since then been learning & remembering my calling to spread happiness & love to all beings, I’m grateful & find immense joy to have guided/experienced transformation & healing a number of people across all ages from babies in the womb to people in the 90s, healing animals, healing spaces, mother earth & the great cosmos.

There’s nothing in this life that we cannot heal from. Personally, I have experienced various diseases, physical & emotional wounds, terminal illnesses, chronic diseases & relationships that people have healed from. Have experienced animals & even spaces transform to their best.

To give an insight of the way I guide you to your transformation, all I need is your willingness to heal from within.

With just your name & your permission, I channel an energetic scan of you, from there, I’m guided to what you will need at that moment in space & time for your journey in this gift of life.  Not everybody needs to go through a dark night of the soul, nor face painful past experiences, you will experience a profound love for life.

None of this is done by me. I’m just a mere observer of your transformation guided by the Creator of all that is which is pure consciousness.

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