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Past Life Regression helps heal Fear of Water


Case: A woman with the name Andrea in her late 40’s had this fear of water since childhood. She never dared to enter a swimming pool all her life. In fact, she fell in love with a dive instructor who was crazy about being in water. In her own words describing her fear, “As a young toddler, when my father took us into the swimming pool, I remember yelling my lungs out. During my camping days too, I was scared just by the site of the river flowing. And the worst when I married John, seeing him leave for work and dive into the deep sea is nerve wrecking each day. Just the mere site of a water body gives me knots in my stomach and then my body freezes.”

Of course, this looks like a terrible case of Fear of Water. When she was interviewed further if anybody else was fearful of water in the family, she responded none. In fact, her mother was a state- champion swimmer as a teenager. And her father also loved a good swim every day. She grew up near the sea, where the climate was always warm to swim. But she never dared to do that even today at the age of 45. A mother of 2 boys today, she says that she has never taken her boys for swimming. Though the boys love water bodies, she has never had the courage to see them swim.

Taking her entire fear into account, a past life regression session was done to see where this fear is stemming from.

Resolution: Andrea had gone through a few hypnosis sessions prior to this one. So, it was easy for her slip into deeper levels of the subconscious mind. From there, began her journey of accessing that Past Life responsible for the fear of water. In this lifetime, Andrea saw herself as a happy-go-lucky teenager in the early 1900’s in South Africa. She was from a wealthy family and had a lot of servants to take care of her and other siblings. Likewise, her father enslaved a lot of locals. He was like a big Minister and hence had enemies too.

Next, she saw herself enjoying a swim in the deep waters of the ocean. One of the slaves was ill-treated by her father always had accompanied Andrea to this swim. And then she this slave drowning her into the deep waters of the ocean. This was done to teach her father a lesson in that lifetime by the slaves. She identified her father as her father in this lifetime too. She saw herself dying due to water filling in her lungs and being unable to breathe. This was the starting point of the fear of water imbibed deep into her soul.

Therapeutically, using Past Life Regression techniques, her fear was released. This made her feel lighter and during the session she could visualize herself sitting near the ocean peacefully, without feeling any anxiety or panic within.

After a few days of the session, Andrea called in to say that every evening she spends on the seashore seeing her boys taking a swim. She is no longer feeling the anxiety about them drowning or anything bad happening to them while in water. She was having a good evening each day, loving to take a walk near the ocean. But she was still unable to muster the courage of swimming or going into the water yet. Hence, we decided to go for another session of Past Life Regression.

In this session, Andrea reached a lifetime in the 1800’s somewhere living in a small village in Italy. The village was struggling with fresh water supply and there was also scarcity of vegetables and fruits. In this lifetime, Andrea was an average worker making her living out of selling poultry products. Somewhere, during the monsoon time, a war was going around in the town side. But, unfortunately, the soldiers were going to reach the village and destroy it. Hence, the villagers decided to vacate the village immediately. They decided to take the sea route. Even though, it wasn’t safe as the sea was rough in this heavy monsoon, they still decided to go for it. After a few hours into the sea, there was a huge storm. Andrea’s medium built boat was stuck into this storm. As the tides were too high, the boat went upside down. Andrea and her brothers were all in the sea without any life support.

Andrea was struggling to keep herself alive by trying to swim and reach the shore. But the tides, weren’t allowing this to happen. Ultimately, a huge wave came and took her into deeper waters of the ocean. She could literally she herself drowning and drifting downwards into the sea leaving all the hopes to survive. The fear of water was so deeply manifested into her consciousness. The necessary therapeutic intervention was done using the techniques of Past Life Regression to release her fear. Also, she was asked to integrate the wisdom of these past lives as well as to no longer feel the victim of any water body.

After the session was completed, Andrea felt much lighter in her stomach area. And after 5 months, she called. She informed me about getting into diving with her husband. She told me how her sons take her for swimming with them and she no longer feels any fear from water.

From the above case study, it is clear as to how we take in the fears with us from one lifetime to another lifetimes. But, if these fears are released through Past Life Regression, we open up ourselves to creating new positive experiences around the same fear.

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