You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul. - Swami Vivekanad

Past Life Regression

What is a Past Life Regression

The past life regression is the autobiography of the eternal soul, personal stories that make us realize what is the reason we have come in this life for. It is a healing technique with which we get access to previous life experiences, that help us realize what life lessons we have to learn, for what reason we chose these particular parents, or this particular time to be born, e.t.c. Every complain we have from this life, that cannot be explained with reason, may be coming from another life. Sometimes the appearance of a disease or a condition or an unexpected event that leaves us with a physical challenge is connected to the violation of ethical rules of the current or previous lives, so that we realize these violations and change our way of thinking. The physical challenge presented is a way to grow mature and advance spiritually. The main lesson is for us to realize our mistakes, to forgive ourselves and others and to reach a harmonious state of wellbeing with the whole universe. This is what can be achieved through a past life regression.

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Is a past life regression dangerous?

The process is absolutely safe and most times provides a deep relief. Each one of us has lived more than 700 lives and we have more or less gone through similar situations (rich, poor, kings, beggars). We cannot consciously choose which life to go to, as we do not consciously remember. Our soul will choose in which past life to travel to, depending on the presented issue that needs to be resolved in the current life. This is a healing process that we should respect and must be done by a trained guide, in our case a clinical hypnotherapist who can guide the soul in this mini journey. The purpose of this experience is to make peace with the previous life, forgive others or the self and provide emotional freedom from mental or physical blocks that may have remained from a past life.

Where can a Past Life Regression help?

A Past Life Regression can help with:

  • Reduction of stress, anxiety and tension as we find what causes them
  • Contacting our spiritual guides
  • Fight fears and phobias as we realise the reason behind those
  • Understanding our life purpose
  • Initiation of skills and  abilities that were not awaken before
  • Understanding and acceptance of situations
  • Healing of mental blocks, psychosomatic symptoms and self induced conditions
  • And so much more as each one of us is a different case…

Is Past Life Regression effective if someone is a sceptic or he/she does not believe in this?

It is not necessary for someone to believe in past life regression in order to have a successful experience. Each one of us has different memories and upbringing and we all share a different view of the world , and this is absolutely fine. Moreover, we create ourselves, the pattern of our world, depending on our choices and perception. Some people try to explain past life regression as a hallucination, imagination, or a cellular memory from our ancestors, or a kinaesthetic experience that is unconnected to our brain. It does not really matter whether someone can explain that through logic. What matters is the realisation that this experience brings in this current life and what one remembers when coming round after the hypnosis.  There is usually apart from a story that includes themselves, a meaning that people realise in a deep spiritual way. The important thing after all is not to find out who we were, but to learn from what we had experienced in a previous life. The comparison to the current life is instant since the protagonist is our self. Many subconscious behaviours resurface and the relationship to people who were in our lives before also gets challenged.We can understand why we love certain people so much or why we dislike others. Often there is a repetitive pattern of the same people and situations in our lives if an issue has not been resolved with love or the souls have not learned a positive lesson.

Evangelos Dafopoulos

Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP therapist, PLR therapist



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