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Tarot Reading for the month April 2021

Aries (March 21 – April 20): This is a month of sudden and unexpected changes in your life. These are break-through changes and you may feel as if the foundation of your life is shaking. But this is not the time to worry and dwell into negative thinking. Rather, this is the time to allow Divine intervention in your life and channel the energies of the Universe. You may feel that there is only chaos around you; in the form of mental or physical exhaustion like dealing with your relationships or perhaps with your health or your job and finances are falling down. Be assured things are going out of control only because the Universe is giving you clarity and opening your eyes to see the truth of your life. The Universe is helping you to re-lay and re-build the foundation of your life, but this time firmly and with complete power to evolve yourself. Amidst this chaos is lying your power to transform and evolve in a stronger way.

Taurus (April 21 – May21): This is a phase of dynamic energy all around you waiting to be transformed in the way you like. Now, is the time to move forward and achieve your goals. Just go ahead with the energy, with this beautiful flow of free moving energy. It is a period to establish your goals, what do you want to manifest in your life and focus all this dynamic energy towards achieving them. In fact, you can expect your ongoing projects or goals to complete. There are a lot of fresh ideas germinating inside your mind’s garden. So, just it is the right time for you to transform these ideas into goals and manifest them into your physical reality. In fact, there are chances of short-term trips either for business or for pleasure.

Gemini (May 22 – June 21): A wonderful time to celebrate life with your loved ones as there is a possibility of a special event like marriage, reunion with old buddies or business inspiration. You will feel supported and cared for in this moment. This is also a period of speedy growth and development. You’re experiencing stability, safety and security. Professionally, you will achieve your goals and reach your milestone. This will give you another reason to celebrate LIFE. My suggestion is to meditate on this energy of stability and security to let it grow further within your space.

Cancer (June22 – July 22): In this period, you will experience strength and a lot of positivity within you. All the struggles you’ve been facing are now going to bear fruits of your hard labour. You are having a clear path in front of you and your zeal towards your upcoming future will bring in success and abundance in your life. You will see that all your fears are now getting washed away with the new-found confidence in yourself. It is a time of experiencing Divine energy flowing within you as well as through you. Meditating on Sun’s energy will further strengthen your roots and bring all your manifestations into reality.

Leo (July 23 – August 23): You may feel unnecessarily worked up or burdened by responsibilities. Even though you’re feeling stressed about the current situation, remember that this is just a temporary phase of life. In fact, the most important thing to do right now is to stop and just evaluate your life. Instead of taking up more responsibilities without thinking, it is time to slow down. Prioritize what is the need of the hour instead of trying to do everything at the same time. Perhaps, learning more about time management can help you now. Delegating work can be helpful and will ease your load. Even though you’re feeling that it is hard for you to reach your goal right now, remember that these are the last steps before reaching your goal.

Virgo (August 24- September 23): This is the period when you’re feeling yourself in a position of power and authority. You’re feeling intellectually stimulated which is giving you mental clarity to achieve your goals. Also, this will bring in deep conviction in your thoughts which will make others around you to listen to you and follow the path you’re showing them. Your judgments are no longer going to be biased or based entirely on emotions, rather they are going to be intellectual knowing all the aspects of the situation. In fact, now is the time to use your logic to figure out of the box solutions to all the situations presented in front of you.

Libra (September 24 – October 23): Now is your time to look deeply into the realms of the subconscious mind as there is a lot to be uncovered from here. This is because the Universe is here to give you a deep, intuitive understanding of this Universe residing inside of you. The more you’re in touch with your Soul, the subconscious realms open up to you and help you get in touch with the intuition required right now. This is the period to reply more on your instincts and for this meditating daily will help you a lot. Being honest with your own feelings is another piece of advice to make the maximum use of this intuitive period. This will help you to see the real situation of your own feelings and emotions, thereby highlighting your areas of improvement.

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22): You’re having all the tools and resources to manifest your dreams into reality in this period. Now, is the time when all the five elements of the Nature are in alignment with you. This is the period to create infinite possibilities for you. Moving forward with the ideas germinating in your mind is what you should be doing. Your willpower and dedication are powerful tools for you to manifest all your dreams and desires. While everything looks like a piece of cake, remember not to be blown away by ego. Hence, meditate on a daily basis to keep yourself grounded and cantered.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 23): Now is your time when you will be able to manifest financial abundance easily and effortlessly. Ideas combined with hard work and self-discipline will bring in the desired results. You will fulfilled and complete with your achievements. But, be cautious with people around who are not having the best of intentions for you. In this phase, you’re feeling like a leader who is powerful and at the same time ready to take on challenges in life. Others may follow you seeing your zeal and dedication towards achieving your goals. Ensure that you invest your money wisely.

Capricorn (December24 – January 20): Some things in your life are coming to an end making you feel painful and hurt. Maybe it is a relationship which is coming to an abrupt end or may be a contract or job which is ending suddenly. Of course, this ending is something that you did not plan on. You may feel back stabbed or betrayed by someone. But, now is not the time to feel like a victim. Remember, we cannot take charge of other’s actions or karma’s. But we can surely choose whether we react or respond to the situation. Hence, now is your time to choose wisely and not allow yourself to get into the cycle of victimhood. Extracting the wisdom from this situation will help you to move forward in the next course of life with courage.

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19): Time for new beginnings, new opportunities in the area of finances or career are coming your way. As these opportunities are knocking your door, it is time to evaluate them and put in the right kind of efforts to make them manifest for you. For manifestations to come true, one needs to put in the desired efforts, take appropriate action and for doing this you need to prepare yourself. Meditate daily to improve the quality of your choices as well as prepare yourself for all the hard work needed to manifest things in your life. This is a good time for you to experience happiness, potential and love. Unexpected financial gain or generating a new source of income can be expected as well.

Pisces (February 20 – March 20): Your balance of compassion and love is on a real high. Getting in touch with your creative side will help you immensely to invite more peace in life. You may find yourself getting attracted to arty things and make you feel more connected. The creative arena is your gateway to connecting with your spirituality at this moment. And once you’ve got connected to it, manifestation will become easier for you. One may find themselves going out on a romantic holiday with their partner’s. Or perhaps you may find yourself getting connected to humanitarian causes. All of this is only helping you further to enhance the energy of your soul.

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Holistic Approach of Healing

Acheive wellness, wholeness through holistic healing. The ultimate goal is to be healthy & mentally well to be in the position to enjoy the world around us.
Its of utmost importance that all natural process that support life are functioning in their desired trajectory optimally.
To bring to the desired optimal level, there needs healing which removes the imbalance that has occurred in the natural state of functions. The process of rebalancing the course of nature is a process termed as "Healing".
Holistic Healing approach goes beyond the conventional rebalancing approach. Going one step further it targets the root cause of illness and tries to remove it, can it be physical, emotional, spiritual or mental healing.
Changes due to holistic healing are on the root level and are more effective and long lasting due to its unique approach and method.

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