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Tarot Reading for the month August 2021

Aries: August is the month to enjoy the fruits of the hard work you’ve done in the past. It is the time to enjoy the abundance and luxuries you’re bestowed upon by the Universe. This isn’t the time to be afraid of spending on yourself as abundance is flowing easily and effortlessly. This month indicates financial independence, hence investing wisely would help you secure your future as well. You are in complete harmony with the Universe. For those of you who are looking at conception, this is a good month to conceive.

Taurus: You may be feeling a confused state of mind at this time and hence unable to make the right decisions or choose the right options for yourself. Using your intellect and your intuition will help you to come out of this confused state of mind. Even though things are looking hazy at this moment, but you don’t need to worry. Aligning to your Higher Self with meditation is the need of the hour. Time to know all the facts before taking any decisions as there is probability that you’re lacking accurate information. Also, ask a question to yourself – What will happen if I choose to face this situation without confusion? Asking this question will help you understand the hidden issue which is the root cause of this confusion.

You will find yourself surrounded by loved ones appreciating the support of each other. Relationships in your life are flowing harmoniously. Hence, planning a holiday or reunion with the family and loved ones will bring in relaxation and much-needed peace in your space. Romantic relationships will bring in more bliss, or perhaps you can look at a long-term commitment such as marriage or starting a family together. This month is that phase of your life when you’ll experience wholeness and completeness from deep within. Follow your heart and alignment to your Higher Self which will guide you to seek success in everything you do.

Cancer: This is a great month to push your boundaries as the circumstances will demand you cultivate this quality. Even though it seems like too much of hard work, the key to being successful is patience and perseverance. These virtues will help you manifest everything that you would like at this point of time. Instead of losing heart, it is time to brace yourself and go the extra mile. Doing this, you will be surely rewarded by the Universe. All that you need to push yourself is right there for you. You will receive all the support and guidance that you need to excel once you set your heart and mind to push yourself.

Leo: You may find yourself caught up in day-to-day affairs, losing sight of the bigger picture of your goals to be achieved. Hence, it is that phase where you need to put on the hat of time management skills and prioritize your to-do list accordingly. Being flexible and adaptable is the need of the hour. It would be best to balance your work and personal commitments by being accommodating as per what the time demands. Pay special attention to minor duties like paying your bills, completing essential deadlines and meetings as well. If the need is, take a break to re-organize yourself and once again become productive and focused.

You will achieve a significant goal which will make you feel confident and successful from within. Utilizing your skills and talents to the optimum level will bring in this achievement. There will be acknowledgement of your achievement by people around you. Ensure that you give due credit to everyone involved in making your goal a success. This is also the time for opening yourself to receiving support and love from your loved ones as well as your professional colleagues. This is indeed a moment to be proud of yourself. For people who are looking at applying for a job overseas, this is a good time to do so.

You will find yourself offering financial assistance to those in need as you’re in a sound financial position. You need to understand that life is all about earning good karmas. So shall you sow, so shall you reap. Hence, helping people will open up new doorways for you to receive back. Offering people good advice and the wisdom you have can be beneficial to the receiver as well as for you. This is also the time to understand that the Law of Karma is equal for everyone. Becoming aware of the kind of karmas you’re building for yourself will help you understand what appropriate actions need to be taken. Overall, a harmonious period which is also a learning phase about the Universe and the Law of Karma.

Now is the time when you’re feeling lonely from within and asking yourself – Why is there no one to help me and come out of this messy situation? You may be feeling like you’ve hit rock bottom, and now there is no way to come back. But the good news is there are people around you to support. All you need to do is open your heart, let them come in without feeling egoistic in accepting their help and support. Also, it would be best if you shifted your focus from your weakness to your strength, from lack to abundance. A shift in your mindset and thought process are the keys to re-establish yourself. Replacing negative emotions and feelings with positive ones will help you. You can meditate, starting with the sense of lack of self-love transmuting into an abundance of self-love.

Even though things are not shaping the way you expected, it is okay. Instead of drowning in disappointment and self-pity, it is time to analyse what went wrong and how you can be careful the next time. It is time to let go of the past and these bitter memories that are making you feel like a victim. Blaming yourself or the situation only worsens your chances to realize your true potential and move forward in life. Forgiving yourself and all the others involved can help you bring peace to your heart. Doing meditation on Forgiveness each day will open new doors for you. Extracting the wisdom from what has happened is the need of the hour. Instead of turning your back on the new opportunities coming your way, it is time to move forward.

Capricorn: Right now, you’re feeling as if trapped in your current situation and that there is no way out of it. Perhaps it is an unsatisfactory job or an abusive relationship or perhaps business without any profits which is making you feel trapped. But this isn’t the reality. You need to bring in courage and determination in your life to turn around your situation. Over-thinking about the problem and not focusing on the solution is the main issue. It is time to get out of those thoughts and emotions which are limiting and negative. Tap into your creative energy to get a solution to your problem. Meditate on your root and solar plexus chakra to find a solution. All you need to do right now is change your perspective of looking at your current scenario as the solution is right in front of you.

Aquarius: This month you will find yourself feeling intellectually stimulated. Significant breakthroughs or new ideas will flow easily, and you will be able to see things more clearly. Solving old problems will be easy as you will find solutions to them. Your mind is in an expansion mode, which will help you be open to new ideas and thoughts to work on. Now is a great time to start new projects where you need to be mentally stimulated and clear in your communication. Taking up a writing class or a communication class will only help to sharpen your skills. The only thing to remember is that when you have the power, you have responsibilities too. Hence, don’t get blindsided with all the power coming your way. Meditating on your Root chakra will help you to stay grounded.

Pisces: You’re having a clear vision of your goals and now is the time to turn into a visionary where you can guide people in accomplishing a collective goal. Your focus, determination and rise in the masculine energy will influence people to follow your vision and directions. People will be drawn to be a part of your manifestation and would be interested in knowing how are you doing it. Your maturity coupled with a long-term vision will help you achieve your goals. Whatever opportunity is presenting itself before you, it is advisable to take it up with determination. If you leave it just like that, you will find yourself struggling to manifest it into reality.

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