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Tarot Reading for the month June 2021

Aries: Time for new beginnings, new opportunities in the area of finances or career are coming your way. As these opportunities are knocking your door, it is time to evaluate them and put in the right kind of efforts to make them manifest for you. For manifestations to come true, one needs to put in the desired efforts, take appropriate action and for doing this you need to prepare yourself. Meditate daily to improve the quality of your choices as well as prepare yourself for all the hard work needed to manifest things in your life. This is a good time for you to experience happiness, potential and love. Unexpected financial gain or generating a new source of income can be expected as well.

Taurus: This is the time of change where you will find yourself moving into the unknown. And moving into the unknown might make you feel sad, but remember that this change is for your own personal development and growth. This is your time to observe what is holding you back whether it is your past or present. There might be some compromises to be made or some hard decisions to be made. Tarot advises you to go along with the flow and the change coming your way. It is a great time to off load all the mental as well as emotional baggage of the past and present.

Gemini: This is going to be a month of challenges where you are getting opportunities to push your boundaries. You may be overwhelmed by the challenges making you feel tensed, but this is time to push yourself and at the same time be collected and calm in your space. The upside is that people around you are seeing you as a successful leader, even though they are envying your quality. You may also feel the need to voice out your opinions publicly, but then be prepared for all the arguments and unnecessary trolls coming along with it. This month will bring in a lot of creative energy if you focus more on accomplishing your goals. Meditating on your root, sacral and solar plexus chakra will help you sail through this phase easily and efficiently. This is your time to stand for your beliefs and hold on to them rather than feeling threatened by others.

Cancer: Now is the time when you’re overflowing with new ideas, plans full of passion and energy. You may be wanting to pursue a new project or idea which may be exciting to you. It is good to experience such energy within, but you need to ensure that you sustain this energy throughout the project. You may feel the excitement and passion when starting it, but this may fade away with the development of the project or idea. Hence, meditating to sustain this energy is very important. Also, your communication ideas with others will open up immensely. You may find yourself communicating with the public either through blog writing or podcasts or taking up social media. Enjoy this phase while exploring what suits best for communication with the masses.

Leo: You will find yourself surrounded with loved ones appreciating support of each other. Relationships in your life are flowing in a harmonious way. Hence, planning a holiday or reunion with the family and loved ones together will bring in relaxation and much needed peace in your space. Romantic relationships will bring in more bliss or perhaps you can look at a long-term commitment such as marriage or starting a family together. This is that phase of your life when you’ll experience wholeness and completeness from deep within. Follow your heart and you will be aligned to your Higher Self which will guide you to seek success in everything you do.

Virgo: Compassion and nurturing are the two emotions coming to you naturally this month. You’re in that space where you’re able to understand the pain of others by tuning into their heart. At the same time, you’re in a creative headspace, so finding out of the box solutions is easy and effortless. You’re intuitive right now and getting in the flow with this intuition will help you reach new heights of success. You will find communicating your ideas and solutions with others is easy and that you’re able to read their minds too. Trust your heart, your inner guidance as this will lead you forward in your endeavours. Keeping yourself grounded by doing meditation based on strengthening your root chakra will help immensely in this phase.

Libra: You may find yourself caught up in day-to-day affairs losing sight of the bigger picture of your goals to be achieved. Hence, it is that phase where you need to put on the hat of time management skills and prioritize your to-do list accordingly. Being flexible and adaptable is the need of the hour. You need to strike a balance between your work and personal commitments by being totally accommodating as per what the time demands. Pay special attention to small duties like paying your bills, completing important deadlines and meetings as well. If the need be, take a break to re-organise yourself and once again become productive and focused.

Scorpio: You’re having a clear vision of your goals and now is the time to turn into a visionary where you can guide people in accomplishing a collective goal. Your focus, determination and rise in the masculine energy will influence people to follow your vision and directions. People will be drawn to be a part of your manifestation and would be interested in knowing how are you doing it. Your maturity coupled with a long-term vision will help you achieve your goals. Whatever opportunity is presenting itself before you, it is advisable to take it up with determination. If you leave it just like that, you will find yourself struggling to manifest it into reality.

Sagittarius: A methodical and well-thought approach to handling whatever you’ve in hand will lead you to success. You’re in a phase when you can transform your vision into materialistic form of every kind. Managing wealth is much easier for you than before as you’re confident of handling money matters diligently. Your self-discipline and long term vision will help you in your investments to grow. Time to see your tasks coming to finalisation and reaping the fruits of all the efforts and hard work. Remember the more you’re allowing yourself to be aligned with your inner guidance and wisdom, the more you will bring in abundance and financial stability. In fact, in this phase the advice you provide others relating to money matters will be beneficial.

Capricorn: A time of completion of the circle making you feel whole and complete. Maybe, it is a relationship or your career’s circle is complete and you’ve a deep sense of accomplishment. This time may also indicate that whatever you’re struggling with is now done and your goal is accomplished. Of course, this time calls in for celebration, but at the same time take a moment to express gratitude to the Divine for this journey. Take a moment and let this success seep deep inside of you before entering a new circle of learning. And whatever you feel is still remaining to come to a conclusion, just allow yourself to do that. Meditating on the thought of feeling whole and completing the circle can help you wonderfully at this time. This may also be a time of travel for some leisure.

Aquarius: Change is only constant in life and that the Law of Karma is always at work. Hence, one needs to do good karma to earn its fruits like whether it is helping people or being compassionate and humane to them. This time of your life is calling you to be hopeful and believe in the power of the Universe. The more you’re willing to help others, the more you’re tuning into the higher realms of compassion and love. These doors will open you to opportunities to succeed and move forward in life. Let go off wanting to be in control of every situation, rather start believing in miracles that you’ve never experienced in life. The entire Universe is there to support you only if you continue doing good Karma’s. This is a transformation phase of your life where opportunities will manifest out of nowhere. It is in your hands about how you want these opportunities to work for you.

Pisces: You may feel anxious, fearful and full of illusions at this time. Being burdened with the emotions and traumas of the past is making you feel uncertain and illusionary. Hence, taking any major decisions at this time before careful consideration is not a good idea. It is that time when you let go off your conscious limiting beliefs as well as subconscious traumas and reconnect with your inner guide. Tarot does suggest you to go in for a subconscious level therapy like Clinical Hypnosis or Shamanic Healing to help you deal with the crisis at the subconscious level. You may also connect with the Divine Feminine energy to discover intuitive insights which the Universe is guiding you through in your day-to-day life. Following the Lunar cycle in this phase of life can be life-transforming as well.

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