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Tarot Reading for the month May 2021


Aries: May is your month of new beginnings, new opportunities, and a time to explore your potential to the fullest. There is immense excitement within to try the unknown. You are brimming with enthusiasm, but at the same time, one needs to be cautious enough before making any significant decisions. Let the child-like innocence flourish in you as it will help you move beyond any fears surrounding you in the past. This month is an excellent time for personal development, so say “YES” to LIFE. Experimenting with new business techniques or having some fun is undoubtedly on the cards. Health will be chirpy but don’t over-indulge in anything.

Taurus: You may feel this month is a very challenging time in front of you, but it is the most critical phase of your life. It is time to work on your shadow self, destructive and limiting thought patterns that have been needing work for a long time. Of course, one needs to be focused even though feeling stressed to work on these inner fights. But be patient, as all the efforts you’re putting in now will reap fruits in the long run. While working on these inner demons, don’t be influenced by external forces. Beware of getting intimidated by others and their thoughts or actions. Meditating every night before sleeping can help you on keeping your focus. Perhaps doing a few breathing exercises throughout the day will also be helpful.

Gemini: This month is a phase of dynamic energy all around you waiting to transform in the way you like. Now is the time to move forward and achieve your goals. Just go ahead with the energy, with this beautiful flow of free-moving energy. This month establish your goals, what you want to manifest in your life, and focus all this dynamic energy towards achieving them. You can expect your ongoing projects or plans to complete. There are a lot of fresh ideas germinating inside your mind’s garden. So, just it is the right time for you to transform these ideas into goals and manifest them into your physical reality. There are chances of short-term trips either for business or for pleasure.

Cancer: May is an excellent month for you to find new beginnings and new inspiration all around you. This is that phase of life where you will learn the actual value of money and other earthly materialistic things and learn how to manifest them in your life easily. So, keep yourself open to learning. This may be that time in life where new opportunities in business or job are knocking on your door, or perhaps there is an unexpected financial gain. As this is a great time to manifest a personal goal for self, meditating or practicing any form of manifestation technique is an excellent idea for now. Also, keeping yourself grounded in this phase of life is the key to future success as well.

Leo: In this month, new opportunities are coming your way where you will have choices for selection. The piece of caution here is to evaluate each option well before taking it up. There are chances that some preferences may look good but don’t have much potential in them. Stay away from the illusions. Also, you may find yourself in a space where you are dreaming of creating your life as you want it to be. But remember, just thinking isn’t enough. Appropriate actions coupled with thoughts can only help you design your future. A suggestion is to meditate on the Root Chakra to be grounded while you’re thinking about your plans.

Virgo: May is going to be a month of challenges where you are getting opportunities to push your boundaries. You may be overwhelmed by the obstacles making you feel tense, but this is time to push yourself and at the same time be collected and calm in your space. The upside is that people around you see you as a successful leader, even though they envy your quality. You may also feel the need to voice out your opinions publicly but then prepare yourself for all the arguments and unnecessary trolls coming along with it. This month will bring in a lot of creative energy if you focus more on accomplishing your goals. Meditating on your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakra will help you sail through this phase quickly and efficiently. Stand for your beliefs rather than feeling threatened by others.

Libra: This month you will notice that you’re getting connected to the Divine energies of love and compassion easily. Hence, it is the time to open up your heart chakra and allow the emotions to flow through you. Doing this will help you to get in touch with your aesthetic creativity. The Universe is inviting you on a journey of love and compassion. You will find yourself more attracted to creative opportunities where the inspiration will come from this love and compassion. Allowing yourself a creative outlet will again be the best gift to yourself. Choose to take up a dance class or perhaps let your emotions come out in the form of painting or any other creative hobby. As this is the time of allowing your imaginations to go wild and create a masterpiece, allow yourself to be flowing in these creative juices. You may find new relationships like new friendships or partnerships at work. The more you open yourself to giving, the more you open yourself to receiving is the mantra to succeed this month.

Scorpio: Compassion and nurturing are the two emotions coming to you naturally this month. You’re in that space where you’re able to understand the pain of others by tuning into their heart. At the same time, you’re in a creative headspace, so finding out-of-the-box solutions is easy and effortless. You’re intuitive right now, and getting in the flow with this intuition will help you reach new heights of success. You will find communicating your ideas and solutions with others is easy and that you’re able to read their minds too. Trust your heart, your inner guidance, as this will lead you forward in your endeavors. Keeping yourself grounded by doing meditation based on strengthening your root chakra will help immensely in this phase.

Sagittarius: A time of completion of the circle making you feel whole and perfect. Maybe, it is a relationship, or your career circle is complete, and you have a deep sense of accomplishment. This time may also indicate that whatever you’re struggling with is now done, and you have accomplished your goal. Of course, this time calls in for a celebration, but simultaneously take a moment to express gratitude to the Divine for this journey. Take a moment and let this success seep deep inside of you before entering a new circle of learning. And whatever you feel is remaining to conclude, allow yourself to do that. Meditating on the thought of feeling whole and completing the process can help you wonderfully at this time. This month may also be a time of travel for some leisure.

Capricorn: Right now, you feel as if trapped in your current situation and that there is no way out of it. Perhaps it is an unsatisfactory job or an abusive relationship or maybe a business without any profits making you feel trapped. But this isn’t the reality. You need to bring in courage and determination in your life to turn around your situation. Over-thinking about the problem and not focusing on the solution is the main issue. It is time to get out of those thoughts and emotions which are limiting and harmful. Tap into your creative energy to get a solution to your problem. Meditate on your root and solar plexus chakra to find a solution. All you need to do right now is change your perspective of looking at your current scenario as the answer is right in front of you.

Aquarius: Now is the time when you’re feeling lonely from within and asking yourself – Why is there no one to help me and come out of this messy situation? You may be feeling like you’ve hit rock bottom, and now there is no way to come back. But the good news is there are people around you to support. All you need to do is open your heart, let them come in without feeling egoistic in accepting their help and support. Also, it would be best if you shifted your focus from your weakness to your strength, from lack to abundance. A shift in your mindset and thought process are the keys to re-establish yourself. Replacing negative emotions and feelings with positive ones will help you. You can meditate, starting with the sense of lack of self-love transmuting into an abundance of self-love.

Pisces: Allowing the Life Force energy to flow through to bring stability is the need of the hour. You feel stressed from within, but now is the time to remain calm and focus on managing your emotions. Avoid being opinionated; it is time to accept and integrate all perspectives that life presents in front of you. A balanced approach towards life will reap benefits in the long-term future. At work, allow people to bring their different perspectives as this will bring diversity and more creativity in completing your project.



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Holistic Approach of Healing

Acheive wellness, wholeness through holistic healing. The ultimate goal is to be healthy & mentally well to be in the position to enjoy the world around us.
Its of utmost importance that all natural process that support life are functioning in their desired trajectory optimally.
To bring to the desired optimal level, there needs healing which removes the imbalance that has occurred in the natural state of functions. The process of rebalancing the course of nature is a process termed as "Healing".
Holistic Healing approach goes beyond the conventional rebalancing approach. Going one step further it targets the root cause of illness and tries to remove it, can it be physical, emotional, spiritual or mental healing.
Changes due to holistic healing are on the root level and are more effective and long lasting due to its unique approach and method.

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