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Tarot Reading for the Month October 2021

Aries: Now is the time when you’re overflowing with new ideas, plans full of passion and energy. You may be wanting to pursue a new project or idea which may be exciting you. It is good to experience such energy within, but you need to ensure that you sustain this energy throughout the project. You may feel the excitement and passion when starting it, but this may fade away with the development of the project or idea. Hence, meditating to sustain this energy is very important. Also, your communication ideas with others will open up immensely. You may find yourself communicating with public either through blog writing or podcast or taking up social media. Enjoy this phase while exploring of what suits best for communication with the masses.


Taurus: Old behavioural patterns as well as ways of doing things in life don’t always work. Change is only constant in life and hence this is your time to let go off your past ways. It is time to look at life from a different perspective. Take a pause, look back at your life and see what is no longer serving you. Once identified, release it and embrace new perspective and opportunities coming your way. Maybe, at this time you will find your plans and projects coming an abrupt halt, but this is temporary. Allow your inner guide and intuition help you. Surrender to the Universe and let things unfold for you easily. The moment you’re free from the burden of the old and look at life differently, your energy begins to shift for the better.


Gemini: There are a lot of challenges and setbacks coming your way, just when you feel that you’re progressing. Remember, this is the Universe testing you to trust your abilities and be resilient. You’re becoming stronger and wiser clearing up every obstacle coming up. Keep pushing yourself and your limitations as you’re close to the finishing line. Just don’t give up as you will succeed eventually. People around you may oppose your ideas or suggestions, but it is okay as they are projecting their own limitations and insecurities on you. Look around as there are also people who are supporting you. Be in their company. Draw your boundaries when it comes to people interfering because if this is not done you will feel that your energy is drained. Meditate on your solar chakra as it will help you to stay positive and not give up. Also, it will help you to protect yourself from energy-sucking people.


Cancer: An excellent time as you are experiencing your creative energy flowing effortlessly. This has led to a new idea or opportunity to come up for you. Have an open and curious mind as this will help you to understand new aspects about life and your own self. It is time for you to explore your creative and emotional side. Taking up an art class or reading new books will be an excellent thing to do. Trust your intuition as you will be guided on the right path to explore new possibilities which the rational mind cannot think. An unexpected but pleasant surprise is waiting for you. Also, there is a possibility of receiving some good news relating to your emotional or creative side like a new project or birth of a baby or some new relationship coming into your life.


Leo: In the recent past, you’ve faced a lot of turmoil and setbacks forcing you to shed your old limiting beliefs. And now after embracing the new openness in life, there are opportunities flowing for you. This is a peaceful phase of your life now as you’re believing in the energy of the Universe. Your heart is hopeful now and you’re in alignment with the Universe which makes it a great combination for a significant personal development. Sharing your blessings with others will only expand the love in your heart.


Virgo: At this moment, you’re experiencing stress, tension and competition with others which is becoming your roadblock to move forward in accomplishing your goals. Each one is having a different opinion and no one is ready to listen. This is only making you feel more stressed and helpless too. But remember, for a solution to come up, it is important to listen to others even if you disagree. Let the current chaotic situation turn into a brain-storming situation by beginning to listen to others. Another important thing to remember is that each one of us is unique, hence we bring in something different to the table which means there is variety and diversity. This can be helpful to look at a variety of solutions and bring in the best one at work. Allowing yourself this transition will help in the transformation coming your way.


Libra: You will find yourself offering financial assistance to those in need as you’re in a sound financial position. You need to understand that life is all about earning good karmas. So shall you sow, so shall you reap. Hence, helping people will open up new doorways for you to receive back. Offering people good advice and the wisdom you have can be beneficial to the receiver as well as for you. This is also the time to understand that the Law of Karma is equal for everyone. Becoming aware of the kind of karmas you’re building for yourself will help you understand what appropriate actions need to be taken. Overall, a harmonious period which is also a learning phase about the Universe and the Law of Karma.


Scorpio: This is the time when you feel the feeling of accomplishment as there is financial security around. You are having everything you need in the materialistic sense. Take a moment to express your gratitude to the Universe. In fact, this is the phase where you will also lay stones for a stable future. Hence, it is a great time for investing in any long-term goals. Since there is a feeling of accomplishment, you will also want your loved ones especially your family to share your success. It will be a good idea to reflect upon the spiritual aspect of financial success and security. This will help you to deepen your sense of accomplishment.


Sagittarius: You’re in complete control of your feelings and emotions and they cannot come in between your way from accomplishing your goals. Your emotional maturity is your rock to face any challenges life is throwing at you. Avoid any emotional dramas at this moment. Use your intuition and understanding of human emotions to handle situations right now. You will accomplish your goals and objectives with everyone being happy around you. To be on this path, ensure that logic and emotions are in balance. Offering advice to others when they are emotionally messed up will be good.


Capricorn: This is going to be a month of challenges where you are getting opportunities to push your boundaries. You may be overwhelmed by the challenges making you feel tensed, but this is time to push yourself and at the same time be collected and calm in your space. The upside is that people around you are seeing you as a successful leader, even though they are envying your quality. You may also feel the need to voice out your opinions publicly, but then be prepared for all the arguments and unnecessary trolls coming along with it. This month will bring in a lot of creative energy if you focus more on accomplishing your goals. Meditating on your root, sacral and solar plexus chakra will help you sail through this phase easily and efficiently. This is your time to stand for your beliefs and hold on to them rather than feeling threatened by others.


Aquarius: You will find yourself surrounded by loved ones appreciating the support of each other. Relationships in your life are flowing harmoniously. Hence, planning a holiday or reunion with the family and loved ones will bring in relaxation and much-needed peace in your space. Romantic relationships will bring in more bliss, or perhaps you can look at a long-term commitment such as marriage or starting a family together. This month is that phase of your life when you’ll experience wholeness and completeness from deep within. Follow your heart and alignment to your Higher Self which will guide you to seek success in everything you do.


Pisces: A great time to rejoice, celebrate and share with your close friends and family. This is your time to receive and give support and compassion with your loved ones as this will strengthen  you emotionally from within. You will feel high on energy socially to celebrate this time. This is also a phase where you can run into new collaborations which are creative and inspirational. This collaboration will help you serve the greater good as there is a lot of energy and passion within and around you. Pursuing a creative outlet like dancing or painting will be an added advantage to let this energy flow.

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