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Monthly Tarot Reading

Aries: You will achieve a significant goal which will make you feel confident and successful from within. Utilizing your skills and talents to the optimum level will bring in this achievement. There will be acknowledgement of your achievement by people around you. Ensure that you give due credit to everyone involved in making your goal a success. This is also the time for opening yourself to receiving support and love from your loved ones as well as your professional colleagues. This is indeed a moment to be proud of yourself. For people who are looking at applying for a job overseas, this is a good time to do so.

Taurus: A time of completion of the circle making you feel whole and perfect. Maybe, it is a relationship, or your career circle is complete, and you have a deep sense of accomplishment. This time may also indicate that whatever you’re struggling with is now done, and you have accomplished your goal. Of course, this time calls in for a celebration, but simultaneously take a moment to express gratitude to the Divine for this journey. Take a moment and let this success seep deep inside of you before entering a new circle of learning. And whatever you feel is remaining to conclude, allow yourself to do that. Meditating on the thought of feeling whole and completing the process can help you wonderfully at this time. This month may also be a time of travel for some leisure.

Gemini: An excellent time as you are experiencing your creative energy flowing effortlessly. This has led to a new idea or opportunity to come up for you. Have an open and curious mind as this will help you to understand new aspects about life and your own self. It is time for you to explore your creative and emotional side. Taking up an art class or reading new books will be an excellent thing to do. Trust your intuition as you will be guided on the right path to explore new possibilities which the rational mind cannot think. An unexpected but pleasant surprise is waiting for you. Also, there is a possibility of receiving some good news relating to your emotional or creative side like a new project or birth of a baby or some new relationship coming into your life.

Cancer: You are in a place of being self-motivated and hence ideas are flowing to you easily. You’re aligned with your Higher Self and hence opportunities are showing up. Now is the time to live passionately following your heart’s desire. If you’re already looking at a new project or opportunity, then go for it. There is no need for having any second thoughts for commencing this new opportunity. Follow your gut feeling and all will fall in place. Remember, this is the time when you’re planting a seed. But in order for this seed to grow into a plant, you will need to work hard and be patient. Seeds cannot transform into plants overnight. So, keep putting in efforts for this project or opportunity to transform into a huge success in the long-term.

Leo: It is that time of your life where you need to allow open communication and honesty with yourself. You need to identify your values and beliefs and stand for them. Make your own choices, communicate honestly and openly with people whom you care for. Of course, you may sometimes find it a dilemma to speak openly as the other person may feel hurt. But this isn’t the time to fear or worry. You need to choose to love yourself honestly first and then move on to others. Balancing the feminine and masculine energies in you will help achieve this. Accepting the dualities in life and respecting them will help you find ways to open communication and nurturing your relationships efficiently. Meditating on the sacral and heart chakra will help you in this mission.

Virgo: There are multiple opportunities coming your way to expand your horizon and you’re aware of them. All the ground work that you’ve done in the past, is now showing up results. All you need now is staying committed on your path to extract the maximum out of these opportunities. Expand your thoughts and dreams, explore and use your potential to the fullest. Push your limitations and reset your axis. It is that time when you’re able to see the long-term vision of whatever project is in hand. You know the developments coming up in the project as well as the obstacles that you may stumble upon. So, plan yourself accordingly. Travel is indicated in this period. Also, a good time to explore international job opportunities.

Libra: You will find yourself in a space where you’re creating deeper connections and partnerships based on common values, empathy and unconditional love. There is a strong possibility of entering into a partnership for business or even for love. It will be mutually beneficial to both of you and it brings with itself a win-win situation. For those entering into a love partnership, it is going to be based on physical and soul connection where it brings out the best in both of you. For business partnerships, you will complete each other in whatever you’re lacking to make it a successful venture. Clear communication will ensure that the relationship is harmonious and respectful.

Scorpio: There are a lot of challenges and setbacks coming your way, just when you feel that you’re progressing. Remember, this is the Universe testing you to trust your abilities and be resilient. You’re becoming stronger and wiser clearing up every obstacle coming up. Keep pushing yourself and your limitations as you’re close to the finishing line. Just don’t give up as you will succeed eventually. People around you may oppose your ideas or suggestions, but it is okay as they are projecting their own limitations and insecurities on you. Look around as there are also people who are supporting you. Be in their company. Draw your boundaries when it comes to people interfering because if this is not done you will feel that your energy is drained. Meditate on your solar chakra as it will help you to stay positive and not give up. Also, it will help you to protect yourself from energy-sucking people.

Sagittarius: You may feel anxious, fearful, and full of illusions at this time. Being burdened with the emotions and traumas of the past is making you feel uncertain and illusionary. Hence, making any major decisions at this time before careful consideration is not a good idea. Let go of your conscious limiting beliefs and subconscious traumas. Reconnect with your inner guide. Tarot suggests you go in for a subconscious level therapy like Clinical Hypnosis or Shamanic Healing to help you deal with the crisis at the subconscious level. You may also connect with the Divine Feminine energy to discover intuitive insights which the Universe is guiding you through in your day-to-day life. Following the Lunar cycle in this phase of life can be life-transforming as well.

Capricorn: You may be feeling a confused state of mind at this time and hence unable to make the right decisions or choose the right options for yourself. Using your intellect and your intuition will help you to come out of this confused state of mind. Even though things are looking hazy at this moment, but you don’t need to worry. Aligning to your Higher Self with meditation is the need of the hour. Time to know all the facts before taking any decisions as there is probability that you’re lacking accurate information. Also, ask a question to yourself – What will happen if I choose to face this situation without confusion? Asking this question will help you understand the hidden issue which is the root cause of this confusion.

Aquarius: You may feel unnecessarily worked up or burdened by responsibilities. Even though you’re feeling stressed about the current situation, remember that this is just a temporary phase of life. In fact, the most important thing to do right now is to stop and just evaluate your life. Instead of taking up more responsibilities without thinking, it is time to slow down. Prioritize what is the need of the hour instead of trying to do everything at the same time. Perhaps, learning more about time management can help you now. Delegating work can be helpful and will ease your load. Even though you’re feeling that it is hard for you to reach your goal right now, remember that these are the last steps before reaching your goal.

Pisces: There is a clear picture of your goals in your heart right now. You are ready to channel your inner power and be dedicated to accomplishing your goals.  Focusing on taking actions rather than just thinking and strategizing in your mind is the need of the hour. Instead of self-doubting your capabilities, take charge of your life and the goals you’ve set. The Universe is giving you a lot of energy to focus on in a disciplined way. All you need to do is meditate on the power of action in motion. It will open new doors of opportunities to make your goals turn into reality. Being courageous and having faith in yourself is all it takes to become an achiever.

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Holistic Approach of Healing

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To bring to the desired optimal level, there needs healing which removes the imbalance that has occurred in the natural state of functions. The process of rebalancing the course of nature is a process termed as "Healing".
Holistic Healing approach goes beyond the conventional rebalancing approach. Going one step further it targets the root cause of illness and tries to remove it, can it be physical, emotional, spiritual or mental healing.
Changes due to holistic healing are on the root level and are more effective and long lasting due to its unique approach and method.

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